Are you a lover of music? Just like I am, I admire the creativity of original music, the beat, the lyrics and the meaning. Music is an easy way to pass time for many music lovers. No matter what you are doing, whether you are cooking, cleaning, dressing up, exercising, relaxing, driving, working or even reading you name it, there is always a place for music. Music to my ears helps set the tone of the day, you can decide to start your day on a high note or on a low, the choice is inevitably yours.
Thankfully there is music for every kind of listening ear; all you have to do is go with the flow. Regardless of the age, because music is indeed evolving some old school music may never go out of fashion. Just watch what happens when you attend a party and old school music of the 80’s & 90’s comes pelting out of the speakers, somehow there is a revived energy irrespective of who you are. The tendency is that 40, 50 and 60 year olds use music to go to travel back down memory lane, they sway those moves and have a good laugh about it. What a way to leave all your inhibitions behind you. Don’t forget today 60 is the new 40 and 50 is the new 30, you are as old as you want to be. Let’s not forget the older generation of 70 and above music to them is used to remember their youth and tell stories to keep themselves alert, alive and admirable.
Today music has taken an even greater dimension; music affects style, fashion, dress sense, as well as communicative language. Without warning music draws itself to you. Little wonder our youth get so attached even if the meaning is unwelcoming. It is interesting to see how the evolution of the Nigerian Music Industry has set a trend for the social life of both young and old alike. The sound of certain musicians will make that party rock with rhythm. Again have you noticed how our ears are accustomed to the beat, you may choose to like the beat or not, somehow you may just find that once you get into the rhythm your body unconsciously starts swaying by way of your feet, head, hands or even body. If you like the beat there is nothing wrong with listening to the words, adapting the words and singing along with the melody. No matter how conservative you choose to appear you will somehow find yourself singing to rhythm, even as you watch others boogying away.
How do you fine tune your ears to the rhythm of the music?
Music Etiquette Tips
Einfaches CMYK
1. Your personality will determine the pace of the music you listen to.
2. Your ears will automatically react to the volume of the music it will either be adaptable, acceptable or irritable.
3. Your characteristic traits will identify how youthful you are. Will you get up and dance among your kids just for family fun or remain conservative.
4. Music is a stress relief play it from time to time
5. Use music to calm your nerves.
6. Use music to change the direction of a bad day.
7 Use music to develop your creative talent
8. Learn the words of your favorite song.
9. Have music all around you, the bedroom, kitchen, car, office or on your phone or smart gadget
10. Music puts a smile on your face, use music to change a bad day.
Dance to the Rhythm
11. Start by listening to the beat, every beat is created in counts of 8.
12. Step from side to side with the beat not after the beat.
13. Swag your body at your own pace in line with your step and in tune with the beat.
14. Watch others dance and mirror them.
15. Don’t be stiff, let your guard down.
16. Dancing is one of the best ways to keep fit
17. If you have a mission to lose weight dance off the inches and have fun doing it.
Remember music is soul searching whether it is gospel, jazz, disco, country, RnB, soul, afrobeat, juju, regee, calypso or salsa whichever way you go you cannot run from it.
……………..And the beat goes on! Happy listening!
Music to my Ears
By Janet Adetu
CEO: JSK Etiquette Consortium

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