Mindset shift with Tewa 1
You have to make the decision to only expect great things.

Has being a pessimist worked in any way?

Don’t lower your expectations because of fear or what people will think of you. Make your expectations higher and if it doesn’t work out that way, you keep it moving onto the next one.

Don’t let the fear of failure affect your happiness now. Why are you even thinking of failing at something that has not started? You haven’t asked, you haven’t made the call, you haven’t taken the action, yet you already feel it would fail…. Why??? What if they said Yes, what if they said No, at least with the No, you know to move on to another…. what if you fly, what if that action is what is required for you to step up? Yet we go around already planning the worst case scenario in our minds. Don’t let your mind bully you. Take control.

How about just focusing on the best case scenario and living intentionally by being happy about everything that can go right. How about that? Find things that will make you focus on what you want. I use reminders, i list things I’m grateful for daily, I surround myself with things i like, i use a vision wall amongst other things.

Start being optimistic about what can go right, start being positive about what can go right and be certain. Plan to be happy now, worrying or pessimism has helped no one. If you plan for the worst case scenario, you will get the worst case scenario.

Go into today and this week with happiness, massive faith, live, love, eat well and act like the only result possible is success. Be unbothered about the storm like Jesus. Focus. We are all born to win. Cheers to our successes. Xo Tewa.

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