Mindset Shift with Tewa 1

Welcome to day 2 of my Outstanding Outcome October.
Yes, it is the last quarter of 2017, regardless of that, you and I can and will still finish 2017 strong by the grace of God.

So don’t look at some of your goals or plan with worry or unhappiness, look at them as still achievable and be happy and excited about this revelation and get to work on them.

Focus on what worked in the last few months and be consistent with it. Learn from the not so good outcomes that you experienced, edit your plan and have another go at working on your plans to succeed. We are all born to win, just adjust your focus, capture and relish in the good moments, learn the lessons and take another shot. Just like this shot of me using the Samsung S8 phone camera. If you don’t like the results you are getting, change or adjust your focus. Cheers to our successes.

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