Maple restaurant is a fine dining area and bar in Lagos, that replicates a New York-style retro bar. It’s on the top floor of a building located at number 9, Otunba Adedoyin, Lekki Lagos.


Maple restaurant

The Maple restaurant has a cosy vibe; you notice this immediately after you walk in. The furniture is a mix of grey, beige and black, which perfectly complements the greenery. The space has three seating areas: the booth seats, the high seats in the middle and the bar seats. The maple leaves on the staircase and by the signage are eye catchy and beautiful behold. The restaurant also has a private dining area for private parties.

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The interior decor has a calm, classy, and modern setting. The restaurant also has a unique lighting system, which adds a whole vibe to the room. With flowers dropping at the side of the walls and beautiful tall plants in perfectly crafted vases


Maple restaurant The food menu has over ten categories, with a selection of brunch and dinner meals for everyone. The drink menu is also rich with various options, including beverages and alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.


Original buttermilk pancake, Wings on pancakes, Banana Almond Pancakes, Berry Berry pancake, Oatmeal Brulee, Coconut yoghurt parfait, Original French Toast, Cheesecake French Toast, Original waffle, Chicken waffle and more with a price range of 7,500 to 10,000 naira.

Maple Sidekicks

Pancakes, waffles, Avocado, Eggs, Chicken sausage, Pork sausage, bacon, sauteed mushroom and more with a price range of 1,000 naira to 7,000 naira.

Dinner Menu

The burrito bowl, loaded king prawn, crispy chicken salad, prawn tacos, chicken tacos, glazed salmon burger, crispy chicken burger, beef lasagna, baked mac and cheese, half baby chicken, ribeye, bbq wings and more with a price range of 8,500 to 13,000 naira


New York cheesecake, Pain perdu, chocolate cake, Icecream and more with a price range of 5,000 naira to 9,000 naira.


Maple Restaurant Lagos 1

Wine Quenchers

Palm and coconut

Living by best life

House red and white sangria and more


Cookie and cream


Caramel crunch

Vanilla and waffle

Frosted lemon shake and more


Banana and mango

Lychee and pineapple

The tropical

Go green and more

They also have coffee and cocoa, boba and iced tea, temperance and others

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