The Gaby Lagos restaurant, a new Mediterranean restaurant recently opened its doors to visitors, to have a fine dining experience located inside Gaia Africa Club House in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Gaia Africa Club is a premier private business club for female C-suite executives, business founders and senior-level professionals.

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Gaby Lagos restaurant

The restaurant has a vibrant business vibe. Which also has a relaxing outdoor area at the entrance of the restaurant.

When you walk in, you see the bar first, which is a mix of brown, gold and blue tones with greenery. Then, you have to climb a few steps to the dining area, which has a considerable amount of space for people to seat comfortably. The roof and light fittings; give you that Mediterranean vibe.


It has a beautiful indoor space with vibrant colours and hand-crafted pieces of furniture beautifully decorated, with gold finishing and a classy couch.

They also have pleasant and welcoming staff. The service is decent. It is a perfect space for an official meeting or a dinner date.


Gaby Lagos restaurant

Gaby’s food menu is categorized into seven sections. Each category has just enough options for everyone to choose from. In addition, the drink menu has an ample selection of cocktails, both signature and classic.


The Club Stack, The Sweet Breakfast, The Smart Breakfast, The Nigerian Breakfast and more with a price range of 8000 to 12,500 naira.


Steak & Eggs, Gaby Hot Honey Chicken & Waffles, Lamb Tzatziki Burger, Spicy Shakshuka, Pesto Chicken Sandwich and more with a price range of 8,000 to 23,000 naira.


Salmon, Jollof Party, Tilapia, Chicken & Shitake Mushroom Gnocchi, Gaby Spanish Rice, Hot And Spicy Beef Flat Bread, Smoked Chicken & Ricotta Roll Up Lasagna, Quinoa Stir Fry, Plantain Lasagna and more with a price range of 15,000 to 18,000 naira.


Gaby Lagos restaurant

Their specially crafted mocktails and cocktails are the highlights of the menu.


A toast to Gaia

Lady in red

Time after thyme

Not a Negroni

Miss Mendoza

Vacation for a day

Caribbean feels and mocktails and more with a price range of 3,500 to 8,000 naira.


Gin basil


Passion fruit Daiquiri

Gaby Island and more with a price range of 6,000 to 7,000 naira.


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