Low-rise jeans are back!

You must be wondering if it’s the same low-rise jeans that were so popular on the red carpet in the early 2000s that they had everyone in a trance? Oh well, at the December premiere of her father Will Smith’s upcoming film Emancipation, Willow Smith, 22, wore crystal-encrusted ones. The pants are from the Spring/Summer 2023 collection by Stella McCartney

At the celebrations for Hailey Bieber’s 26th birthday in Tokyo, she donned a low-rise mini skirt made of denim, actually, it was more or less a strip of denim. She shared the look on Instagram, pairing it with a cropped top.

Low-Rise Jeans Are Back

This Is Why You Should Be Excited About Low-Rise Jeans Being Back:

Indeed, we’ve all heard unofficially that the pants of our childhood are popular once more, but it has been upgraded a little.  The low-rise jeans that are back now have a mid-rise jeans category

Low-Rise Jeans Are Back

Mid-rise jeans offer an option in contrast to real low-rise jeans that are agreeable and charming. It still hits below the belly button, but it’s not as low as the pelvic-bone-revealing ones from decades ago. This gives the appearance of a low-rise jean without making you feel uncomfortable. 

They are a welcome and flattering change after years of only wearing high-rise jeans.

This might just be what you have been looking for!

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