For the modern, stylish woman who would want her nails to last for a while, here are a few tips on how to make your your nails last longer and increase its life span.

Using Your Knuckles More Will Make Your Nails Last Longer

Make Your Nails Last Longer

Try using your knuckles to scoop your products, that way you can avoid products getting stuck in your nails. Also try using your knuckles to tuck in your bed spread, that way you won’t lose your nails. Easy, right?

Use Your Nail As The Scoop

Imagine having to scoop your lotion (Incases where your lotion is in a cup) with the top of your nails, works right? It’s a simple logic, using your finger pad will definitely get the product stuck in your nails, so the easiest way is to flip your finger over using the top of your nail as the scoop.

Master The Use Of Cutlery

Make Your Nails Last Longer

Picture yourself eating amala with some correct shaki with gbegiri and ewedu or ogbono and semo with your stiletto nails! Best option? Use a fork or spoon that’s very convenient.

Open Cans Wiith A Spoon

Make Your Nails Last Longer

Do not consider pulling cans open with your nails, instead…..use a spoon. Simply apply pressure and viola!! It’s open. You can also use the handle of a spoon or fork.

Be Conscious Of Your Nails

Make Your Nails Last Longer

We sometimes forget that we’re wearing nails and we go about doing stuff that could cause them to break. When you’re conscious, you’ll take preventive measures to make your nails last longer.


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