It’s the season of festive activities which spells Ember Owambe for a lot of Nigerians.

It is that time of the year your uncles, aunties, and distant cousins come home and you all plan to attend that high-class wedding ceremony. Makeup on fleek, shoes high enough, nails well polished, gele standing tall, and dress carefully designed ready for your Ember owambe ceremony.

Over the years we have seen amazing fabrics catch our attention at every wedding ceremony especially Ember Owambe ceremonies,  so here is a list of some fabrics you should consider sewing. 

Best Ember Owambe Styles


Ember Owambe Styles For 2022 1

The aso oke is a traditional African fabric that is hand woven and originated from the Yoruba ethnic group in southwest Nigeria. This beautiful style has evolved over the years and it can be styled with any accessories and worn to any kind of event. 


Ember Owambe - Velvet and sequin

These new fabrics have been making a wave in the fashion world, the velvet gives a royalty look and feel. Its smooth texture makes your skin feel comfortable in the fabric. While the sequin keeps you popping all day, giving you a luxury look. When picking this fabric go for red, purple, or blue colors they are eye catchy. 


Ember Owambe Styles For 2022 2

This fabric has become more modern and comes in various exciting and exotic patterns, colors, and details. It can be worn by your Aso Ebi guests at traditional weddings. 


Ember Owambe Styles For 2022 3

This is one of the most versatile and popular outfits for all occasions, they come in a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns. It can be styled with either lace or cotton or silk material, it can also be sewn as a shirt, blouse, skirt, trousers, or gown. Whichever way you wish to style this fabric, rest assured you would be looking gorgeous. 



Ember Owambe - kente

This is a Ghanaian fabric made of hand-woven strips of cotton and silk. It originated from the word “kenten”, which means “basket” in the Asante dialect of the Akan language. And it can be beautifully styled for any occasion. 


Ember Owambe Styles For 2022 4

This fabric originated from the Yoruba. It is an indigo-dyed textile art that involves tie and dye, and over the years new modern designs have been worn by guests on occasions. It’s a simple yet classy fabric to be seen on. 


Ember Owambe - Isiagu

I use to think only men could wear this fabric, but recently we have spotted some women styling it. Isi agu is a fabric that signifies power, pride, and authority which means Lion’s head. This fabric was initially worn by very few elite Igbo men but now redesigned and anyone can wear it and look stunning to his/her occasion. 

My glamorous EM readers, which occasion are we storming and what are we going to put on? 

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