It is one thing to create a fashion brand, but it’s one of the best things to be able to creatively marry traditional fabrics with contemporary designs and birth sustainable fashion pieces, that’s Abiola Olusola Official!

Lovingly and ethically designed and crafted in Lagos, Nigeria, today’s business feature is truly an embodiment of its byline. Based in Lagos, Abiola Olusola Official is a fast-rising sustainable fashion brand. Owned by Abisola Olusola, a Nigerian womenswear designer who has creatively infused her softly feminine and minimalist aesthetic into her fashion brand, this womenswear brand is truly a function of contemporary women.

Launched in May 2017, this brand has graced the cover of major magazines including L’Official Italia, Nataal Media, CNN Style, In December 2020, Abisola Olusola Official was featured on Vogue. From the interview on climate change and the fashion industry, one could easily deduce the amount of creativity and intentionality that goes into producing each of the pieces. Through her brand, Abisola Olusola is committed to creating, designing, displaying, and collaborating with local African craftsmen to create and highlight opportunities in which local fabrics and ethos can be part of contemporary living.

EM Business Feature - Abiola Olusola Official; A Marriage of Traditional Fabrics and Contemporary Designs 1

With the latest release, The Abisola Olusola Spring Summer 2022, this brand is focusing on calmness. To introduce this collection, a short film was shot. “Idakeja” which means listening to the whispers of the ocean, introduced the full essence of the 2022 Spring Summer Collection. The collection includes fashion pieces like the silk taffeta dress, the hand-dyed 100% silk shift dress, the silk and modal tie-dye mimicking the depth of the sea, and fluidity of water, all designed by Abiola Adeniran Olusola highlights one singular thing, Stunning.

To read more about this eponymous fashion brand that offers a fusion of traditional fabrics and contemporary designs, and also to shop for these designs, say hi to Abiola Olusola here!



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