There’s a certain amount of pedicure etiquette that goes into making the experience great for you, your pedicurist, and the people around you.

If you’ve never gotten a pedicure before or if you’re unsure whether or not you’re taking the necessary steps before and during your appointment, there are a few things your pedicurist would like for you to know.


Arrive At Your Pedicure Appointment On Time


Appointments are booked to optimize the guest experience. If you’re 20 minutes late for your pedicure, your pedicurist will have to rush through your pedicure and rush through the preparation for the person coming in after you. And this can mess up your pedicure. If you’re going to be late, it may be better to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid disrupting the flow.

Play With Fun Nail Polish Colors


Salons and spas offer hundreds of colors because they want you to use them! You don’t have to stick to a conventional neutral color all the time. Try turquoise. Pick something shiny. Do something fun. If you’re unsure whether or not you like it, your pedicurist may be willing to paint a test toe to see how it looks. Nail polish is an extremely temporary commitment. Be creative and expressive.

Pedicure etiquette

Don’t Eat During Your Pedicure


Please don’t bring snacks to your pedicure. It’s unhygienic and disruptive to munch away while your pedicurist is working to massage your feet and legs. Your drink is fine, there’s always a place for that. Just save the chips for a little later.

Don’t Chat On Your Phone The Whole Time

Many people treat pedicures as a relaxing experience. They want to close their eyes and take a load off their minds. They may even use headphones to listen to their favorite chill-out tunes on their phone. And you should do the same.

Don’t Feel Embarrassed About Your Feet

Many people feel embarrassed about their feet and tell their pedicurists that they believe their feet are ugly. Some people even apologize. Your pedicurist is a pro. He or she sees dozens of pairs of feet every week, and it’s unlikely that yours are the worst.


Don’t Wear The Wrong Shoes

Even though your nail polish is dry, it may not be fully cured. It can take a few hours to set completely. Do well to wear an open feet shoe so you don’t mess up your nail polish.


Lastly, Do not forget to book A Pedicure Today

Written by uchechukwu for EM 


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