Table manners are a part of dining etiquette, it is how you contribute to everyone’s enjoyment of the meal. Table manners have evolved over centuries to make the practice of eating with others pleasant and sociable.


Here are 6 Table Manners You should take note of:


Pay attention to your hosts


Don’t be in a hurry to eat your food. In fact, don’t start eating until they do! And if there are more than four in the group, start when three or four other guests have been served.


Don’t chew with your mouth open or talk with food in your mouth. Take small bites so you can finish them before speaking and while eating bring your food to your face, not your face to your food. It’s a plate, not a trough.

Do not forget to appreciate your host for serving dinner. 

Look presentable before dining 


Dress appropriately for the occasion: it shows respect for your hosts and fellow guests, and of course, it’s always a far better choice to be overdressed than underdressed. The former is also easier to remedy: by leaving your blazer and tie in the cloakroom, but you can’t drive home once you’ve arrived and realized you’re the only one shabbily dressed there.


Do not go empty-handed


If you’re visiting someone’s home, bring a small gift, such as chocolates, a kitchen gadget, or wine, and be on time. 


Focus on the meal 

Basic table manners

Do not get distracted by your phone, if it’s possible turn it off or put it on silent and don’t have it in sight during the meal. This helps you to be fully present and enjoy the meal. It also shows respect to your hosts and guests. 


Take an average-sized serving


Gluttony is not attractive, especially to the hungry people in line behind you who saw you take the last two donuts. You can always go back for seconds once everyone has eaten.


Lastly, Pray


Prayers before eating should be initiated only by the host but can be said by anyone.


Extra points


Hold utensils correctly. Don’t use your fork or spoon like a shovel and stab your food.

Wash up and come to the table clean.

Remember to use your napkin.

Pace yourself with fellow diners by watching others. 

Cut only one piece of food at a time.

Avoid slouching and don’t place your elbows on the table while eating.

Instead of reaching across the table for something, ask for it to be passed to you.

Do not forget to bring your best self to the meal!

Written by Uchechukwu for EM

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