Media Personality, Folu Storms, known for her long dreadlocks finally decided to let them go, and rather than going the ‘big chop’ route, she opted for combing as an alternative for removing dreadlocks.

Since the decision to let go of dreadlocks isn’t easy, it’s best to do it using the best method possible, and this could vary depending on what you’re going for. But, if you don’t want to cut off all your dreads in this process, combing them out is one method you should consider as an alternative for removing dreadlocks.

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Here’s what Folu Storms had to say about the vlog where she described her lock removal process:

On the 1st of January 2021 I started combing out my Locs of over 8 years. It was a decision I had considered carefully and In this video I share with you why I came to this decision and how it was possible to comb out my locs and retain my loose natural hair. I did my best to answer questions i’ve been asked in real life and online already but I’m certain some of you will have even more questions, so if i’ve missed out anything comment below and I will respond as best as I can! Happy new Year and may we all be blessed with the courage to live the life we truly desire!

Concerning why she made the decision, she said

 I do believe that every experience we have is for a purpose. In every life experiences is a teaching opportunity and I’d gone through quite a few things in the last couple of years emotionally for me and I’ve been quite heavy. And I know 2020 was a really emotionally heavy year for everybody kind of going through a number of things on a personal and global scale. And I really wanted to share and let go. And not just chop off like it’s easy and done. I wanted the process.

Check out her process of this alternative for removing dreadlocks below:

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