Any outfit can be enhanced (or not) if you are wearing the right undergarments. A bra is a foundational item that can determine how confidently you carry yourself. The market has a lot of options to offer and below we will share types of bras that exist, the types of outfits it should be worn with as well as the kind of undergarments that’d complement each body type.

I’ve come across about 30 different types of bras and anyone who doubts that there are so many types should come along to a lingerie trade show. When I attended my first one, I was blown away about the sheer amount of options available; all I could think was “lucky us”! You don’t need all 30 variations, (don’t be the underwear hoarder lady!) but you do need a few different ones that are functional and can serve all your undergarment needs and with that, we present the 6 Bra Types You Should Own.

Half Cup/Demi/Balconette Bra
The half cup bra ‘shelves’ the bust and allow for the most cleavage. Offering a standard level of support, they are perfect for low-cut tops where an everyday bra would show. This bra has cups that are angled to expose the top of the breast and can have push up or not. Pictured here in a long-line (extended fabric on the bodice)
Available Sizes- 34-40 C,D,DD,F
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The Push Up Bra bra3
Designed with additional padding (could be a foam, gel, air or water), it gives the illusion of a fuller bust and can create cleavage where none existed. It’s a must have for women with smaller busts, but for those with fuller figures, a good push-up can lift without necessarily adding volume.
Available Sizes- 34-40 C,D,DD,F
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Strapless or Multi-way Bras:
The strapless bra is also known as the ‘Multi-way’ bra. It is one of the types that every woman should own. It is wonderfully versatile and useful for every occasion because it comes with detachable straps and extenders. In addition, they work well with most bust types/sizes.
Available Sizes- 34-40 C,D,DD,F
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Soft Cup Bra/ Bralette:
The bralette is typically unpadded or very lightly padded, seamless, and either made of cotton or spandex, it’s designed to be fashionable yet comfortable. The soft cup bra provides utmost comfort with mild hold. It is such an outstanding option for fuller busted women. It is perfect for nursing mothers and women who have undergone surgery or have the smallest bust sizes and is pictured
here in a long line style with detachable harness neck.
Available Sizes- S,M,L,XL
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Backless Bra solution:
bra6 Backless Bra solution: These stick to the breasts and do not have shoulder or back straps providing support. These are disposable after multiple wears and are perfect for when you have self-supporting breasts for when you are wearing a deep cut back, or backless outfit. Not really great if you’re an A cup or larger than a DD.
Available Cup Sizes- B, C and D
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Full Cup/ T-Shirt Bra
Full Cup/ T-Shirt Bra: This type of bra is an ideal pick for the ladies with fuller bust types, perfect for daily wear. Full cup bras offer the most complete support and usually have the most options in colors and textures.
Available Sizes- 34-40 C,D,DD,F
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