A marketing funnel that is properly planned and executed does the job of generating huge brand awareness and at the same time, guiding potential customers through the various stages of the buying journey. Revamping your marketing funnel becomes necessary if the existing one has not been successfully turning prospects to customers.

It is however important to note that due to the many touchpoints of the marketing funnel, it might not need a complete overhaul in some instances. This is because leads can enter your marketing funnel at any stage of the buying process. You only need to identify the less effective stage of the funnel and revamp.

Consider the following tips to learn more about how to begin improving your marketing funnel. These areas should be the first things you would examine when revamping your marketing funnel:

  1. Your Customer Personas

This is the first and most important part of any marketing process. Taking time to identify your target audience and their personas will help your marketing funnel. A persona in the marketing context refers to the ideal customer or customers for your business. These personas are defined by some attributes including:

  • Shopping habits
  • Location
  • Demographic
  • Job role/description
  • Interest in product
  • Need for product

Your customer personas are very important to your entire marketing process because without identifying who your ideal customers are, it is very difficult to create an effective marketing strategy to attract more of those people. It is important to carry out actual research to make sure they see you as a company that understands their pain points and can also help them.

  1. The Bottom of the Funnel

The bottom of the funnel is where you have prospective customers in their final decision-making process. Focus on the bottom of the funnel. One way of doing this is using bottom-of-the-funnel content; the assets that help persuade a prospect to purchase from your brand. Here are some of the effective bottom of the funnel strategies:

  • Customizable presentations for specific solutions
  • Provide free trials for hands-on customer experience
  • Offer live demonstrations for increased customer interactions
  • Collect and display customer testimonials and reviews
  • Encourage social media engagement through blogs and personalized threads

At the bottom of the funnel is where your prospects are ready to make a purchase now or later. They have gone through the stages of your funnel to arrive at the last stage and you must do all to follow them up either over the phone or in person.

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  1. Areas That Are Hard To Measure

To know if your marketing funnel is effective, certain metrics should help measure your growth. When you have the least ability to measure your success, it is better to find new methods to track this growth or reprioritize them. If you can’t measure the effectiveness of your marketing funnel, it is very difficult to see the reasons why you should put more effort into those channels.

  1. Your Market Segments’ Pain Points

The key to making sure your marketing funnel performs well is identifying the pain points of your market segments. For every stage of your marketing funnel, you must make sure your messages are relevant, personal and benefit-focused. You and your sales team need to understand the deal flow and key message points that appeal to your target audience at all stages of the funnel.

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  1. Loyalty Metrics

When you offer the best products with good customer service, your customers will come back to make another purchase. The number of repeat customers tells a lot about customer satisfaction, customer service, email marketing, follow up and ultimately lifetime value. If the number of repeat customers represents a low percentage of sales, then it’s time to improve the overall business.

The marketing funnel is a representation of the journey your customer takes from first discovering your brand to buying into it. It has to be optimized to ensure optimum customer experience that includes: customer service, positive reviews, repeat purchases, brand loyalty, referrals, and customer lifetime value.

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