If there’s one thing African fashion influencers know how to do, it’s setting the tone in this social media-driven world of ours. In the midst of an ever-changing algorithm, these fashion influencers have remained pros in the space, delivering delectable African fashion in a brand new way to the world of fashion.

Many of us often struggle to choose the “perfect dress” to fit the occasion and the first place we turn to is social media. One scroll through TikTok or Instagram and you will be flooded by countless influencers showing off their different categories of styles, it’s endless. We scoured these social media platforms and gathered a list of our 5 favourite style influencers to get you started.

Afua Rida @afuarida


Afua Rida is a fashion stylist, blogger consultant and runway show producer that’s passionate about global fashion and Africa’s influence on the fashion world. Her website combines her portfolio and unique stylings as well as her personal blog about whatever strikes her fancy.

Asiyami Gold @asiyami_gold

5 African Fashion Influencers To Have On Your Radar 1

You may have already stumbled across Asiyami on Pinterest or Instagram. The visual storyteller has stunning images you’ll want to frame, and a fashion collection you’ll want to wear!

Chinyere Chi-Chi Adogu @the_real_chi


Chinyere serves constant, fancy-schmancy fashion inspo that’ll remind you of how deserving of the soft life you are. Plus, she shares occasional Black girl squad content and lots about her travels around the world.


If you’re curious about anything from sustainable skincare to easy-to-follow everyday plant-based recipes, the Dodos Uvieghara is your girl. Aside from collaborating with beauty brands, Dodos shares upbeat videos and tips that make sustainable living seem a breeze.

Tejj Aduu @tejjtheblogger


Look no further than Tejj Aduu if you’re looking for stylish posts on plus-size fashion – her chic photos and reels make plus-size fashion look like the hottest thing in town.


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