Have you been putting so much time and effort into networking, but not getting the wanted results? Are you wondering why you aren’t getting results from networking?

Its been ages since I recorded my last vlog, which is why I am super excited to bring to your attention that within the next 10 days I will be releasing a series of vlogs all aimed at helping you up your networking game. I had so much fun recording the videos, they had to beg me to leave the venue.

NetworkingIn the first video I decided to tackle an issue many career women have when it comes to networking; the lack of results. It’s like when you are on a diet, eating leaves and bananas all day, only to check the scale a week later and you have added 1kg! Y-E-K-P-A! Well just like dieting, there is a right and wrong way to Network and I share it all in this video, all for your viewing pleasure.

Please try and find the time to watch this series of videos as they will only be available for a limited time. You can watch the first video by clicking here 

Have you made any of the mistakes I mentioned in the video? Hit the reply button and share with me after watching the video here 

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