Don’t you just love it when you learn new and awesome things from your favourite celebrities?

Nollywood actress, Lota Chukwu, who gained popularity after appearing in Funke Akindele’s series, ‘Jenifa’s Diaries’ (a spin-off from Jenifa the movie) is here to show us how to separate egg whites from yolks.

When cooking, baking or preparing a face mask, there are times when you need only egg whites or only the yoke and many people have no idea how to achieve the separation, so they just don’t bother, or worse, end up making a mess.

Today’s our lucky day, because Lota’s got us covered. She shared a video of how she used a plastic bottle to suck up the yolk and place it in a separate container from the albumen (aka egg white). She says she owes this knowledge to Buzzfeed, a site known for its numerous DIY hacks.

Here is Lota Chukwu’s video:

Isn’t it awesome to share new knowledge? That’s why we hurried over to bring this hack to you!

So, there you have it, a very easy and efficient way to separate egg whites from the yolk. Now, it’s time to get practical!


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