Since the beginning of the lockdown, till its ease, we have been encouraged to gather new knowledge to tap into the limitless opportunities that exist education and career-wise, now Busola Dakolo tells us it is time to take that step!

Busola Dakolo, professional photographer and wife to Nigerian musician, Timi Dakolo is here with advice for us. She gave us this free advice on her Instagram page today.

Many of us have become a library of knowledge we’ve gathered from both conventional and unconventional sources. She wants us to use all that knowledge to take a step in the right direction.

She says that no matter how complicated a step is, it is just a series of uncoordinated simple steps.

Busola Dakolo, who was on our January cover first worked as a banker after graduating from school, but then resigned and started her photography career. So, she definitely knows a thing or two about taking meaningful steps.

Here’s what she said:

Get practical with all the knowledge you have acquiring over the past few weeks.

My friends, talk is cheap do more. A single step in the right direction is better than a thousand steps in the wrong direction.
I tell my photography training participants that what looks complicated is just a series of uncoordinated simple steps. Take a single step and measure your progress with that simple step. You will be encouraged to take another step.

Have a productive week.

Busola, who can now boast of a successful photography career has also started training aspiring and amateur photographers and also made reference to that in her post.

Here is the actual post on Instagram:

One of her hashtags was “Focus on Yourself” and this is something many people find hard nowadays, we do hope you take this great advice from Busola Dakolo today!

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