Ever wanted to prepare a meal, but got confused about the process somewhere in the middle of it? We’ve all been there. While the first option for assistance is to call your best friend, mum, or sister, there are times this card might not just cut it. Luckily, there are many wonderful options at your fingertips. Nigerian food blogs are awesome! Not only do they share the best mouth-watering Nigerian and African dishes, they show you the step by step traditional methods that would enable you achieve the same results. Here are some of the best in no particular order:

Top Food blogs in Nigeria for Wonderful Recipes 1

Dooney’s Kitchen is a food blog by Dunni Obata, and it just happens to be my personal favorite. Recipes are painstakingly categorized on the blog into Nigerian soups, stews, rice recipes and so much more. Every single detail required to make your dish a success is spelt out clearly. A unique twist to the blog is that she shares personal stories as she goes along, so it’s personalised. Spoiler: Her Jollof recipes would make you fall in love.


Top Food blogs in Nigeria for Wonderful Recipes 2

As the name implies, this blog has so much to share on indigenous Nigerian recipes. ‘All Nigerian Recipes,’ blesses you with a myriad of recipes ranging from Nigerian Soups from various tribes, Stews, Sauces, Snacks, and so on. The goal of the blog is to share authentic methods that haven’t been diluted by western styles. Run by Flo, there are also YouTube videos to keep you glued to the space.


Top Food blogs in Nigeria for Wonderful Recipes 3

As you would guess, ‘Dobby’s signature’ is run by Dobby. The culinary enthusiast has since shared her everyday experiences with food. The blog focusses on portraying Nigerian and contemporary African dishes in the best light. The health benefits of the meals are stated and her pictures of these dishes are some of the best ever. The blog also features a lifestyle section where she explores and reviews meals that are outside her own kitchen.


Top Food blogs in Nigeria for Wonderful Recipes 4

‘Sisi Jemimah’ is one food blog that has a little bit of everything. From local meals like Dodo Ikire, Asaro, and Ewa Agoyin to modern Oven Roasted whole Chicken and Omelette recipes; she shares a range of wonderful options for the dynamic individual. The blog’s picturesque and orderly view would allow you find your meal options in no time. Sisi Jemimah is certainly one of the best.


Top Food blogs in Nigeria for Wonderful Recipes 5

Last but not least, we have ‘All Nigerian Foods.’ On this blog, you would learn how to make the everyday Nigerian meals with ease. It shows how you can make quick, simple, and easy Nigerian recipes in various ways. From typical Nigerian breakfast menus, to Nigerian traditional meals, you are guaranteed to never get stranded with this blog.


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