One of the necessary prerequisites to having a healthy life, is exercising. Asides eating right and going for regular checkups, exercising ranks tops in things to do to live well. However, unless you have a gym you attend frequently or a workout buddy, it is very hard to consistently exercise. You could get bored because you’re doing it alone, or just get weary fast. If you’re looking for Sporting Activities To Help You Stay Fit and have fun while you’re at it, it is easier to just find an athletic hobby. Here are some of the coolest Sporting Activities To Help You Stay Fit

  • Volley ball/ Tennis
Stay Fit
HOBART, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 08: Chanelle Scheepers of South Africa plays a forehand volley in her second round match against Mona Barthel of Germany during day five of the Hobart International at Domain Tennis Centre on January 8, 2013 in Hobart, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Volley Ball, regular Tennis, or even Table Tennis, are some of the most active sporting activities that can serve as exercising. These activities stimulate your mind as you have to think on your feet, but they also have you swinging back and forth or even jumping. You can start by playing table tennis with members of your family and then you can join a club near you to ensure you stay committed.


  • Cycling

Stay FitIf you already learnt riding a bicycle while growing up, this would be very easy to catch up with. Don’t think Cycling exercises only your legs; not only does it speed up your heart rate, it also burns a significant number of calories. While Cycling is one of those exercises you can do in the gym, engaging in it as part of a team gives you a sense of commitment.


  • Martial arts

Stay FitYes, you read that right. Martial arts are systems and traditions of combat practices, which are usually practiced as self-defense, mental growth, and so much more. However, they are some of the best sporting activities to engage in. For example, Karate improves your stability and coordination, improves your flexibility, and gives you strength. There are Dojos across Nigeria that you can train with weekly. The added advantage is that with consistency, you’ll get a black belt in no time.

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  • Dancing

Stay FitAnother interesting form of exercise is dancing. Dancing comes in various styles and forms, so you have a myriad of options to choose from. You can sign up to a Salsa class or join a hip-hop dance club. While this is not a sporting activity like the others (there’s no dancing in the Olympic games), it is a physical activity that is both fun and effective to Stay Fit.


  • Swimming

Sporting Activities To Help You Stay Fit 1If you are a lover of water, then swimming just might be for you. Swimming is great for reducing stress, building endurance, giving muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, helps you maintain a healthy weight, tones muscles and so much more.

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