Welcome to the land of spooky! Some scary places you should probably not visit!

Have you ever felt a chill run down your spine when you walked into a dark room? Or heard strange noises in the middle of the night and wondered if you were alone? If so, you’re not alone! For centuries, humans have been fascinated by the supernatural and the unknown, and have sought out places that are rumored to be haunted or creepy.

Today, we are taking you on a journey through nine of the creepiest places on earth. If you are ready for some goosebumps, then fasten your seatbelts and let’s go!

Here Are 8  Seriously Scary Places You Should probably Not Visit:

The Catacombs of Paris 

Are you ready to enter the underworld? Descend into the depths of the Catacombs of Paris, where you will be greeted by six million skeletons that have been stacked like Jenga blocks.  Beneath the City of Light lies a maze of underground tunnels that hold the remains of over six million people. The Catacombs of Paris were created in the 18th century as a solution to the city’s overflowing cemeteries. If the thought of being surrounded by millions of skulls and bones doesn’t give you the creeps, then this is the place for you. Don’t forget to say “bonjour” to the bones as you pass by.

Scary Places You Should probably Not Visit

Aokigahara Forest

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…wait, is that a body? If you dare to venture into Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, known as the “Suicide Forest,” you might encounter human remains. The forest is believed to be haunted, and some say that the trees whisper to you as you walk by. Don’t worry, they’re just saying “leaf me alone!”

Scary Places You Should probably Not Visit

The Door to Hell 

You don’t need a degree in thermodynamics to feel the heat coming from the Door to Hell. This fiery crater in Turkmenistan has been burning for over 50 years, and it looks like the devil’s furnace. Maybe we should bring some marshmallows and have a BBQ?

Scary Places You Should probably Not Visit

The Winchester Mystery House 

Welcome to the ultimate maze! This sprawling mansion in California has a mind-boggling layout with doors that lead to nowhere and staircases that go up, down, and all around.  The Winchester Mystery House is a sprawling mansion that was built by Sarah Winchester, the widow of the Winchester rifle manufacturer. Legend has it that Sarah believed she was being haunted by the ghosts of people who had been killed by Winchester rifles, and so she built a house with bizarre features such as staircases that lead nowhere, doors that open onto walls, and windows that look into other rooms. It’s like a real-life game of Clue, minus the murder (hopefully).

Scary Places You Should probably Not Visit

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The Island of the Dead Dolls 

If the dolls could talk, they would say “hola!” This island in Mexico is like a graveyard for abandoned dolls, and they are everywhere. The legend behind this creepy island is that a little girl drowned in the lake and the dolls that were left behind began to accumulate over time. Visitors claim that the dolls move and their eyes follow you as you walk by. Maybe they just want to be friends?

Scary Places You Should probably Not Visit

The Hill of Crosses 

This site in Lithuania is covered in thousands of crosses of all sizes. The site has been a place of pilgrimage for Catholics since the 1800s, but it’s unclear how the tradition of placing crosses on the hill began. Visitors report feeling a sense of unease and hearing strange noises while exploring the site. Maybe it’s just the wind, or maybe it’s something more…supernatural.

Scary Places You Should probably Not Visit

The Sedlec Ossuary 

Welcome to the bone zone! This small chapel in the Czech Republic is decorated with the bones of over 40,000 people. The bones have been arranged to form chandeliers, tables, and even a coat of arms. Talk about a DIY project gone wrong!

Scary Places You Should probably Not Visit

The Tower of London 

It’s time to take a trip back in time to the medieval ages! The Tower of London has a gruesome past, many famous figures were executed there, including Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, two of King Henry VIII’s wives. Today, visitors can take guided tours of the tower and learn about its gruesome past. Some claim to have seen the ghosts of the executed prisoners roaming the tower. Maybe they just want to catch up on the latest gossip?

Scary Places You Should probably Not Visit

There you have it, folks, the nine creepiest places on earth. Are you feeling spooked yet? Remember, if you decide to visit any of these places, bring a flashlight, a crucifix, and some ghost repellent. We hope you have a hauntingly good time!


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