It is undebatable that a good diet plan goes well with a healthy lifestyle. When we talk about a balanced diet, it simply means eating from a variety of food groups to be able to adequality consume various essential food nutrients.

Reasons why you should go on a diet. 1
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The prevention of infections and diseases is one of the common benefits of a balanced diet. Consuming all the necessary nutrients the body requires, helps to boost immunity and healthy development. It makes the body healthy enough to fight away diseases, especially non-communicable diseases like obesity, diabetes, stroke, and some kinds of cancer.

Weight Control.  A balanced diet, helps you maintain your weight and BMI (body mass index) in general. Being on a weight loss diet forever is not feasible, therefore your only other option would be to go on a balanced diet to maintain and have more control over your body weight.

Glowing skin and hair growth. Asides from the infamous body glow products, natural glow and hair growth can be gotten from the consumption of fruits and vegetables, which provide necessary nutrients and vitamins that keep the body glowing and radiant.

Consumption of a wide variety of food groups has a positive emotional effect as it makes the food more interesting and appealing. Also, experimenting and trying out new foodstuff and spices from other cultures has a positive emotional and psychological benefit on an individual.

Reasons why you should go on a diet. 2

Why a balanced diet?

There is no arguing the importance of other types and forms of dieting, nutritionists and professionals sometimes have to recommend special types of diet plans depending on a patient’s condition. However, the importance of a balanced diet cannot be overlooked.

With diseases such as obesity and diabetes prevalent among adolescents and young adults, it is critical to introduce sufficient dietary plans to the youths. A child’s nutrition usually involves a balanced diet; however, these habits are most times not carried over from childhood to adulthood. Creating awareness on the importance of a balanced diet, would not only reduce the number of victims to some diseases, but would also prolong life and fuel a healthy lifestyle.

Other diseases a balanced diet helps to prevent include; a heart disease. Living on a diet that focuses on whole grain and wheat consumption, minimal intake of sodium and phosphorus helps keep those numbers on check.

Osteoporosis. This is a condition of a fragile bone, with increased risk of bone breaking. One of the major causes of this diseases is the lack of vitamin D and calcium. Consumption of foods such as orange, soy-bean and cereal could increase calcium in a diet.

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BY:  Ifeanyichukwu Okpala

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