From the landscape in Italy to the remnants of the Roman Empire that manifests in almost every part of the country, the country is one with an awe-inspiring cultural legacy.

Italy officially known as the Italian Republic or the Republic of Italy is a country located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, in Southern Europe.


Made up of a peninsula delimited by the Alps and several islands surrounding it, is often considered part of Western Europe. Home to 55 UNESCO World Heritage sites, 50 cultural and five natural, It is more than the dream of a tourist or visitor.

The country whose territory coincides with the homonymous geographical region covers a total area of 301, 230 km2 (116, 310 sq mi).

It shares land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. With over 60 million inhabitants, Italy is the third-most populous member state of the European Union.

Italy has 34 dialects, Italian is the official language, with Rome as the capital and largest city.

The ethnic groups are Italians, 91.5%, Romanian, 1.5%, North African, 1%, and Others taking up 6% of the population. There are four religion groups in Italy, 84% Christianity, 11.6% No religion, 1.0% Islam, and 3.0% Others. The official currency of the country is the Euro. 


Where to go in Italy

With a vast landscape filled with cultural heritage from ancient hilltops, to modern bustling cities, dramatic mountain landscapes to sweeping coastal scenery, each part of Italy delivers something unique. Here are five places to visit in Italy:


  1. Rome


The capital city of Italy, Rome is the home of Roman Empire history. With its unmatched history, it is the third most visited city in Europe, and the fourteenth worldwide.

Rome plays host to visitors and tourists who are always excited to discover the impressive monuments and archaeological sites, as it also offers some of the best cuisines with a lively atmosphere.

From the Colosseum, which offers an insight into how gladiators fought for their lives in the arena, the Circus Maximus where travelers can imagine the chariots crashing into each other to the Roman Forum which visualizes what the Roman public life was like. 


  1. Piemonte and Lombardy

The northwest regions of Piemonte and Lombardy make up the cosmopolitan region of Italy.

The two main centers, Turin and Milan are the country’s wealthiest cities. When you visit the northern part, hiking and skiing are major activities due to the presence of the Alps, while Lombardy’s lakes and mountains are very honored tourist territory.

The northwest region of Piedmont is filled with national parks, lakes, mountains, and vineyards, where you can ski in winter, explore mountain bikes and walk refuel in Italy’s best restaurants. Milan is the heart of Lombardy and Italy’s financial and fashion capital. 


  1. Campania

Visit Italy - Country of the Latins 1

Naples, the capital of Campania is a unique and unforgettable city, also the spiritual heart of the Italian south, and borders some of the country’s finest ancient sites in Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Located in the southwest region of Italy reputed for its ancient ruins and dramatic coastline. Campania is famous for its guffs (Naples, Salerno, and Policastro) as well as for three islands (Capri, Ischia, and Procida.


  1. Sicily


The island of Sicily offers a wide mixture of attractions from some of the finest preserved Hellenistic treasures in Europe to Italy’s most appealing beach resorts in Taormina and Cefalu, not leaving behind some of the gorgeous upland scenery.

Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island that reflects its rich history in sites like the Valley of the Temples, Doric-style Greek temples, and the Byzantine mosaics at the Cappella Palatina. 

Top Attractions – What to see in Italy

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This is a country with lots of cultural heritage and amazing landscapes that cannot be completely visited in a lifetime. To help you, we have listed some of the best places to travel in Italy and attraction centers that will make your trip to Italy memorable.

Visit Italy - Country of the Latins 2

The Colosseum in Rome. Credit – Unsplash


  • The Colosseum is Rome’s most awe-inspiring ancient monument featuring an enormous structure that even after 2000 years of earthquakes, and natural factors, remains relatively intact.
  • Pizza San Marco is Venice’s magnificent attraction center that houses the Basilica di San Marco, Italy’s most lavish cathedral.
  • Surrounded by lush hillsides and dramatic mountains, Lake Como’s landscape is beautiful to watch, particularly by zigzagging between shores by boat. 


Best things to do in Italy

  • History and culture
  • Water sports
  • Beach life
  • Skiing and snowboarding
  • Hiking and biking 

When is the best time to visit Italy?

Italy is a year-round destination, and the best month to go to Italy depends on what you want from your Italy travel experience. The best time to travel to Italy generally is spring (April to June) or autumn (September to October).

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