Inspired by Ndani’s web series Phases (which we talked about recently, you can click here to catch up) – Season 2 Ep 2 titled Terms And Conditions. We have a question before us today, “Would you take your cheating partner back?”

Watch below

We had watched the revelation in the previous season of Jeje cheating on his fiancee Tunde and in this episode, she tries working things out by offering an agreement hence the title terms and conditions that would supposedly help their relationship work.

Going to the comments section, I saw that a lot of people shared different views on the scene and topic in general, so it begs to ask- Would you take a cheating partner back?

Speaking personally, I would not especially give the circumstances of the situation and

They were engaged to be married in a week and he was caught cheating outside, at a club, in a public place? Well now, that’s just disrespectful for not only the relationship but for me as a person.

We would love to know your hot takes on this question, so go ahead and let us know on our socials.

Would you take a cheating partner back?

If yes, why would you? And are you like Tunde who would suggest a legal agreement before moving forward?

If no, why not?

What are your views and stance on this conversation?

Comment below and let’s catch up on Instagram and Twitter as well.

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