Be fit; look well in your clothes. 1

People always ask me how I fit so well into my clothes, I give them the same answer when I’m asked how do I stay so fit…diet and exercise!

Oh yes, we all know that our physical appearance makes you look better in that suit and sexier in that dress. The bottom line is, when you are fit and healthy, you look good in anything, even naked. I’d prefer to think that my clothes fit me. I workout hard and maintain a healthy diet to keep my shoulders, arms and legs toned and defined. Defined shoulders fit better in a suit, arms look tighter in a shirt or T-shirt and legs look firmer in pants, even shorts.

Though I have to admit, that’s not the primary reason I diet and exercise, I love having an active and healthy lifestyle.

We all want to look good in whatever we wear, so if you want to be complemented when wearing that dress, then it comes down to getting your body into a symmetrical balance, that will emphasize the features of that dress or suit. Let’s not kid ourselves, if you are too skinny there are certain outfits you just can’t wear and if you are too fat…well then that little black dress is so not for you! We all know that there are certain clothes that fit specific body shapes, whether you are thin or overweight. I’m yet to meet someone who is comfortable with themselves being too thin or overweight and if you are then you should get help. Truth is neither looks healthy, we are visual human beings, healthy looks sexy and attractive. We make first impressions from physical appearance, sometimes we even judge people by how they look. Let’s keep in perspective what actually looks good fat – A fat cow, a fat bank account, how often do people say, “ooh look at that sexy fat guy”, we know Naija girls aren’t saying that. The point is, eat right and exercise. I know it’s not easy for some but you’ve got to get started, if you don’t start now you won’t fit in or well in anything.

I’ve always believed in getting help if I have a problem I can’t handle, I seek out the experts or someone experienced in that area of the problem and get it sorted out. If you have a weight problem, get a trainer and if you have a dressing problem, get a good stylist!

Engage Ur Core!!!
Ponle Dekalu-Thomas
For: BodyByPonz Fitness

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