December is everybody’s  favorite time of the year but like all good things come to an end, this December is at its last leg.

In a few hours, we will be holding hands with the new year and if you want to have an unforgettable 2023 and have every intention of making it the best one ever then below are guidelines to get you started;


  1. Live each moment in the present

During the holiday season, there are events to attend, gifts to purchase and an array of pop-ups everywhere. It can be very easy to get distracted from what is supposed to be the true meaning of the holiday season, giving to others and spending time with those you love.

Even the smallest things can symbolize the holiday season. If you take a moment to pay attention to what’s going on around you, you’ll be much more likely to remember it after the season has passed you by.


  1. Be open to new experiences

Travel, go road tripping with friends, do something you almost never do. A surefire way to have an unforgettable 2023 is to remember to do something you’ve never done before.

Trying something new regardless of what you’re celebrating, this is a great way to make a moment memorable. So if you really want to spice up your life and make the new year one you’ll always remember, open your mind to new ideas and don’t be afraid to break away from the things you’ve always done. You might be on the path to creating a brand new tradition for yourself, who knows?


  1. Capture your moments on film

How often do we really get the camera out and start capturing moments?

Think about the photographs you take and really pay attention to the moments you want to remember. These moments don’t have to be the typical sitting-on-Santa’s-lap situations.

The moments that matter most are the moments that are special for you. They might be completely odd or startling typical, but they are your special moments. Really think about what you want to remember this December and be sure to have your camera close by.


  1. Pretend you are a tourist

For people who can’t travel visit a museum, take a bus tour, or spend the afternoon snapping pictures of your city’s most famous landmarks. Keep an eye on your city’s free museum days and check out the places you’ve always meant to see but never have.

Create amazing experiences and have an unforgettable 2023 by closely following these guidelines

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