Believe it or not, there are people who are still furnishing their homes during a pandemic and you must be one of them if you’re reading this.

Having a house is one thing but furnishing it into a home is another, and if you’ve tried doing so already you would know how heartbreaking it is looking at your favourite items being priced really high.

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Well, of course, you’ve got expensive taste and preserving that taste while saving some money is exactly what this post is about, from electronics to hardware and decor items.

It’s time to delve into this list of affordable household thrift items and where to buy them.

household thrift

1. Mattress
2. Bedframe
3. Fridge
4. Wardrobe
5. Shoe and Bag rack
6. Air Conditioner
7. Sofa
8. Microwave
9. Gas cooker
10. TV Console
11. Electric Kettle
12. Wall Art
13. Clocks
14. Centre Table
15. Lamp

household appliances
Household Thrift Items

16. Rugs
17. Flower Vase
18. Throw Pillows
19. Floating Shelves
20. Display Tray
21. Hot Plate
22. Window blinds
23. Curtains
24. Display Shelf
25. Mannequins
26. Bin Basket
27. Standing/Ceiling Fan
28. Washing Machine
29. Generators
30. Toaster

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Tip: Keep your post notifications on and call in immediately you see an item you like/want,
because they sell out pretty quickly.

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