It’s not news anymore the importance of Green tea; it can provide a wide range of health benefits due to its high antioxidant content, such as the theanine, polyphenol and catechin properties.

Drinking a regular cup of green tea has the potential to help prevent tooth decay, infection, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, heart problems, and more. Here are a few of the main benefits:

Helps Reduce the Signs of Ageing

The high antioxidant content in the green tea can help to neutralize free radicals in the body, which is appreciated for its ability to slow the signs of aging. The main antioxidant to benefit aging is called epigallocatechin gallate. So, a regular cup of this soothing drink will help delay the first symptoms and signs of aging.

Green Tea

Useful Stimulating Effect

This type of tea is rich in tannins and caffeine, which is useful for providing a stimulating effect. For this reason, tea is a practical solution to leave a person feeling highly energized and fresh while countering issues like lack of energy, sleepiness, laziness and fatigue. Plus, it has the ability to help improve blood circulation.

Gives a Boost to the Immune System

Green tea can give the immune system a boost to lower the risk of suffering from common viral and bacterial infections. It is the catechins in the tea that stop the viruses and bacteria from infecting the body and attaching to cell walls. The antimicrobial properties in the tea help to control negative fungal and microbial action, which means the body is given more protection against cough and colds, indigestion, tooth decay, diarrhea and bad breath.

Green Tea

Helps to Lower Cholesterol Levels

The alkalinity of green tea is believed to help lower cholesterol levels in the body to a certain extent.

Enjoy Improved Arterial Health

This tea contains useful components that help to stop blood thickening, which is appreciated for its ability to improve arterial and cardiac health, such as cerebral strokes, thrombosis and arterial sclerosis.

Weight Loss

Drinking green tea can help to boost the metabolism rate, which is known to help in the process of weight loss. By enhancing the metabolism, the fat storage in the body is consumed much faster. Drinking a cup of tea in the mornings in place of other drinks can over time help cut a few pounds from the overall weight.

Detox the Body

A cup of green tea in the morning is a useful remedy for fatigue and hangovers. This remedy is highly effective and speeds up the ability to clear the exhausting effects of alcohol when lemon juice is added to the tea is believed to help lower cholesterol levels in the body to a certain extent.


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