Social media has been greatly applauded and heavily criticized. The former for its ability to connect the whole world together at the click of a button and the latter for its perceived deception.

Imagine that a person puts his/her best moments on social media, then another person creeps in and automatically starts comparing their everyday moments with the best moments of the first persons’ life, which is a set up for depression and feelings of inadequacy.

However, the same reasons why people post their best moments on social media is the same motivating factor or Fitness Accountability that can help you lose weight faster or finally sign up for that marathon you had been meaning to participate in, or finally, tone up your body, and add some 6 packs abs while you are at it.

When you post your fitness intention on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or accountability groups and online fitness communities, you have asked the whole world or your group of friends to hold you accountable to your goals and you will definitely want to share your best fitness moments with them. More or less, it helps to act as your Fitness Accountability test

Why You Should Make Social Media Your Fitness Accountability Partner 1
Posting your goals on social media will push you to create those best moments, like going for that run and posting a selfie, or completing your workouts and sharing the number of calories burned, you will find yourself sharing your healthy meals online and of course your before, during and after pictures. Hence, sharing your fitness goals on social media helps you to kick-start the processes that will help you achieve your goals.

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Secondly, you will have access to motivation, support and, an enabling community, you will attract like-minded people and the journey will be more fun than going all the way alone.

Your online friends will cheer you on when you succeed at your goals and will encourage you when you slip; after all, everyone slips once in a while.

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If you have a goal to work out today, in your mind, or written in your to-do list, it’s easier to cancel or postpone it to the next day if life happens and stuff gets in the way, and that stuff might be really genuine like work demands, family demands and any other important things you had committed to. The only issue is that there is always another next day to postpone to, and another until passion to workout is slowly drained away.

Putting your fitness goal and daily or weekly to do’s out there ensures that you prioritize it so you don’t look bad to your followers on social media, it’s the reason why you take 5 selfies and post the best of them online.
Why You Should Make Social Media Your Fitness Accountability Partner 2
Two warnings though, be true to yourself, admit when you fall off the fitfam wagon and jump back on board immediately, and stay away from the social media trolls who have nothing good to say, when you workout and post pictures, they say “what’s your own sef”, when you don’t work out, they say “told you so” LOL.


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