Download a step counting app and set daily targets for yourself, start small, and increase your targets every other week, celebrate every weekend if you meet your target, if not, take a long walk on Saturday morning to complete your target.

When taking a long phone call, pace the floor, that way, you get 10 to 20 minutes of activity in without even thinking about it.

Give your housekeeper an hour or two off and do your own fetching, get a cup of water, fetch your own stuff, get the door, dish your food, return your used dishes to the kitchen… it all adds up.

Give your office assistant a break and fetch for yourself in the office as well. Place your printer and photocopier on the other side of the office so you have to get up every time to pick your documents.

Ditch the lifts and the escalators, if you are going from 5th floor to 7th floor in your office complex, take the stairs. and while you are at it, take the stairs, two at a time.

During commercial breaks on TV, walk round your sitting room. Hide yoru remote control from yourself, so you can stand up every time you need to change the channel on the TV or put on the AC etc.

Dance dance dance, play your favourite music and let it take you to a place you love, by the time you are done, you would have gotten a workout in and a smile on your face.

Don’t stand around if you can walk around, while waiting for an appointment, pace and think and find solutions to knotty issues. Walking around burns more calories than standing around.

Don’t sit if you can stand, same rationale as above, standing will burn more calories than sitting any day any time.

Finally, don’t lie down if you can sit down, lol, make sure it s a chair in front of your TV, not a sofa or a super comfortable couch.

Start practicing these tips and I will see you next week.

Coach B.

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