Sometimes lumps in a breast are cancerous and other times, breast lumps are well…just lumps in the breast.

We all have different breasts and so of course how they feel and look will never be the same.

It’s better to be safe than sorry though…right?

If you want to know for sure if the lumps in your breast should be taken seriously, then, you should just book an appointment with a doctor.

But while you wait to meet up with a doctor, here’s a few things you can do to know if those lumps are more than just normal lumps;

Breast lumps

  • Most breast cancer lumps are completely painless. They are however very  hard  and can be shaped as tiny as a pea or even bigger than that.
  • Most breast cancer lumps causes your nipple to discharge milky tissues. These discharge can be clear or darker toned.
  • Breast cancer lumps can cause your boobs to change its shape and even color. It can also cause dimples and roughness on the surface of your breast. If you notice any or all of these things suddenly with no explanation, then you should meet with a doctor immediately.

Remember that if lumps stays in your body untreated, they will eventually spread to other parts of your body and can easily become fatal.

This is why you should book an appointment with a doctor immediately you feel or suspect an unnatural change in your breasts.

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