Why do we accept a life that doesn’t ignite our enthusiasm when we wake up? Is it because we doubt our ability to achieve the dream life we imagine? Is it due to fear or feeling inadequate?

But we can begin anew.

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Each day is an opportunity for a fresh start. Being in a job or situation we dislike doesn’t define our future. Our past doesn’t determine where we’ll go. Remember, you’re not trapped. So here are five ways you can feel excited again!

Firstly, Reframe your definition of “failure.”

Many of us do not move forward or go after what we want due to the fear of failure. Failure can be defined as a “lack of success.” But what if we redefined failure as the path to success? We would not be so afraid of it.

History is full of extremely successful people who have failed many times before making it to the top in their respective industries and one example is Michael Jordan.

Secondly, Know Who You Are

The greatest gift we have is the power of choice. We can choose, right now, to start on a path that honors our authenticity, our passion and our purpose.

It comes down to the power of choice. Stepping into your power and making a true decision. A decision to stop playing small, stop settling and to start stepping into your power. To fully live and not just exist. To no longer sleepwalk through life. To no longer just check the boxes off, but wake up excited! This life is yours for the choosing.

Thirdly, Figure Out What You Want

If you had a magical wand that granted any wish without failure, what would be your ultimate desire?

When answering, try to approach it from a place of empowerment rather than fear or emotion. You can enhance your response by doing exercises to get into an empowered state before answering.

5 Ways To Live

Fourthly Discover Your Strengths, Gifts and Talents.

  • To discover your strengths, gifts and talents, try the following:
  • Make three separate columns with the following categories: strengths, gifts and talents.
  • Write down all of the strengths, gifts and talents you know you have.
  • Ask five of your closest friends what they think your strengths, gifts and talents are.

 Lastly, Reflect On Your Experiences

Write down all of the experiences in your life that you have overcome (there is nothing too small).

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