Whether you’re struggling to build a business, life or health of your dreams, the “rules” of the game are pretty much the same: You always have to create time to catch your breath and luckily for you, we have curated 4 effective ways to loosen up.

Life is a journey with milestones, setbacks, hurdles, challenges, and triumphs.

There are many paths you can take, one is not better than the other you just have to find the one that works for you! It can feel lonely at times, but you’re never alone.

Here are 4 effective ways to loosen up a little this year!

Step 1: Hit the pause button and take a time out

4 Effective Ways To Loosen Up

It’s ok to take a break.  Take time to reflect on your thoughts and feelings to see what comes up and where they may be coming from. Journaling is a really great tool for this process as writing things out is not only therapeutic but also puts things in perspective.

Step 2 : Ask yourself some investigative questions

Start with a simple, Why am I struggling with this? If you don’t know the answer to this just yet, it’s ok, just write the thoughts and possibilities that come to mind and look for clues.

Ask yourself: How do I feel when I do/don’t make progress in this area?  Name the feelings that come up.  Ask yourself why you feel this way.  What beliefs do you have that contribute to these feelings?  

Step 3: Revisit your vision, goals and plan

Ask yourself: Does this align with my wellness vision, goals and plan?

If the answer is no it does not, then it’s time to drop it and move on.  

If the answer is yes it does, then it’s time to revisit your vision, goals and plan and ask yourself – do I really want these things for myself or are they a reflection of what society wants/expects of me?

And If you no longer feel aligned to your vision, goals and plan, then rewrite them.  Nothing is ever etched in stone.  Just be sure you’re not constantly rewriting them as an excuse to break a commitment to yourself.

Step 4: Move Forward

Life Is Boring, Live A Little - 4 Effective Ways To Loosen Up 1

Move forward, and adjust as needed until you find something that fits.  It’s all about trial, adjustment and correction.

Chances are, nothing will fit or feel right forever.  We all go through seasons and stages of life and our journey is not a flat straight road.  Our needs change and our strategies and actions need to change with them.

The more you get used to making changes and adjustments, the more resilient and adaptable you will become and the easier it will get overtime.


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