Yam is that food! It can be roasted, fried, boiled, pounded and in its many forms, it still tastes amazing. In Nigeria, yam is a staple food, although quite underrated.

Today we get to fully appreciate the beauty and the delicacy  that is yam. Listed  below are 11 ways that you can enjoy yam this weekend;

  1. Pounded yam and Egusi soup: This dish is a staple in Nigeria, where boiled yam is pounded into a smooth consistency and served with a thick and flavorful Egusi soup. 10 Different Ways You Can Enjoy Yam This Weekend! 1
  2. Boiled yam and plantain with pepper sauce: Boiled yam and ripe plantain are served with a spicy pepper sauce made from a blend of fresh tomatoes, scotch bonnets, onions, and spices. 10 Different Ways You Can Enjoy Yam This Weekend! 2
  3. Fried yam and stew: Sliced yam is deep-fried until crispy on the outside and served with a spicy tomato and pepper stew. Enjoy yam this weekend
  4. Yam porridge: Yam is grated, boiled and mashed into a creamy porridge, which can be served with a variety of sauces, vegetables or proteins. Enjoy yam this weekend
  5. Yam and vegetable stew: Boiled yam is served with a mixture of sautéed vegetables and meats, creating a healthy and hearty dish. 10 Different Ways You Can Enjoy Yam This Weekend! 3
  6. Roasted yam with palm oil: Thinly sliced yam is roasted with palm oil, onion, and spices until crispy and served as a snack or side dish.Enjoy yam this weekend
  7. Yam fritters (Bofrot): Grated yam is mixed with spices, flour, and eggs, then fried until golden brown, creating a delicious and crunchy snack. Enjoy yam this weekend
  8. Yam and beans pottage: Boiled yam is mashed and mixed with boiled beans, spices, and palm oil to create a simple and nutritious meal.10 Different Ways You Can Enjoy Yam This Weekend! 4
  9. Yam and pepper soup: Boiled yam is served in a spicy, flavorful broth made with a variety of herbs, spices and fresh pepper, creating a hearty and warming soup. Enjoy yam this weekend
  10. Yam and egg sauce: Boiled yam is served with a spicy tomato-based sauce, mixed with scrambled eggs and vegetables, making a delicious and satisfying meal.10 Different Ways You Can Enjoy Yam This Weekend! 5
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