Having heard of so many positive reviews from The Shed restaurant, Exquisite Magazine decided to take a look!

The Shed is a fine dining restaurant located at number 1, wole olateju crescent off admiralty Lekki, Phase 1, Lagos. It began operations in April 2022.

Unlike most restaurants, The Shed restaurant is open on Mondays To Thursdays from 4 pm till late and Friday to Sunday from 12 pm till late.



It’s a nice space for dates and hangouts! And they have a section for group sitting in case you want to have a birthday celebration and some privacy and the music wasn’t overpowering like it is at some restaurants.

 The restaurant occupies the entire ground floor of the building with both outdoor and indoor sitting options. There are four sitting areas indoors: by the bar, opposite the bar, main dining, and private dining.

The aesthetics of the space is artsy and rustic, bursting with colours, and having lovely art hanging on the walls. It’s a vibrant space with brightly coloured furniture and interesting pieces of art and designs plastered all over. One can tell that a lot of attention was paid to the decor to make the place come alive.


The shed restaurant

The food menu in the shed restaurant is categorised into eleven sections. Each section has between two to seven meal options, so there’s a variety to choose from, they also recently incorporated Asian meal to the menu. And a complimentary starter is served while you wait for your meal.


Carpaccio with fresh fish or beaf, Tomato Mozzarella Buffalo, Fresh house salad, Salmon tartar and more with a price range of 10,500 naira to 15,300 naira


Cripsy Duo of baby squid and prawn, Vegetable soup and Oxtail soup with a price range of 6,500 naira to 15,300 naira.


Grated Biddy, Original lamb, Home Made French fries, salad, roasted sweet potato, Cantonese rice and more with a price range of 3,000 naira to 21,000 naira.

The shed restaurant



Specialty Thai beef salad, Tuna Tataki, Prawn Tampura roll with a price range of 12,000 naira to 20,900 naira.


Miso soup and Tom Kha Kai with a price range of 9,000 naira to 11, 300 naira.


Sushi with salmon, California roll, Fruit and Vegetable Maki with a price range of 16,500 to 12,000 naira.

Then they also have burgers, sandwiches, pizza, fish and sea foods.


 Gin cocktails

Tequila cocktails

Rum cocktails

Vodka cocktails and more with a price range of 6,500 naira and above

They also have a fantastic wine collection, beers and more with an affordable price range.


Reservations are required to dine in, but they wouldn’t turn back walk-in customers as long as they have an available table.



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