The Bungalow restaurant in Ikeja has been in existence for over a decade and is definitely a restaurant you must visit in the mainland if you’re looking for an awesome singing experience.

They serve continental, Nigerian, Mexican, Japanese and Chinese meals and cocktails.

This restaurant  creates an ideal place for adventures where you can find new meals attractive and tasty or just stick with regular Naija meals.

The Bungalow restaurant opened in 2004 and for 16 years running successfully in the Ikeja and Victoria Island area of Lagos State. Ever since its establishment, it has become one of the top restaurants in Lagos.

Layout and Ambience of Bungalow Restaurant

Restaurant you must visit in the mainland

Bungalow restaurant has a deluxe setting with structures made for your comfort. First, the environment is well-kept, serene and welcoming despite the regular Lagos noise and crowds. Besides, the restaurant offers a creative setting of seating areas, both inside and outside. The chairs are leather made with a soft feel and backrest for relaxation and a table is attached to each of the


Then, the interior has a closed section where meals are prepared and you can view from a wide open glass space, the cocktail sections are also open for you to interact and make your selections.

A Restaurant You Must Visit In The Mainland, Lagos 1

Plus, you can watch the bartenders prepare your drinks while you sit and wait to be served.

Further, the interior area of Bungalow restaurant is conducive with air conditioning systems, well-polished furniture and floors and nice interior design and paintings.

However, for the exterior which also has soft seats and wooden furniture, there are flowers in a mini garden surrounding the restaurant.

There are bar sections outside with high stools and competent mixologists who mix signature cocktails and wines for you.

A Restaurant You Must Visit In The Mainland, Lagos 2

Besides, the outdoor area of the Bungalow is breezy and wide enough with a large TV to entertain guests every day.

In addition, the interior arena has television screens hung up on the walls for visitors to watch updates on sports programs.

Services Offered at The Bungalow Restaurant

Bungalow restaurant - Restaurant you must visit in the mainland


Eat in

The common eat-in service is provided at Bungalow restaurant, thus you can choose any dining area, sit in and help yourself to delicious Chinese food and beverages.


Take out

The take-out menu is well available for you based on your choice. You can as well make orders for your desired meal to be packed in plastics for you and sealed in nylon wraps.



Teppanyaki is an adopted Japanese cooking style at Bungalow restaurant where seafood, chicken or vegetable fillings and so on are prepared on hot iron pans. These iron pans enable grilling, frying or boiling spices in food.


It’s a place to visit this festive period and have a great dinner with family. 


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