Do you enjoy home cooked meals, or are you looking for simple and creative dishes you can prepare for lunch, either for your kids, husband or yourself? Well, you are in for luck today. With experience and thorough research, I have come up with various ingredients, tips and meals to try out for an easy routine flow in the kitchen.

Before I begin listing meals or ingredients to include in your kitchen cabinet, there are a few points to consider if you want to try out this routine.

  1. It needs to be cost effective
  2. Easy to make
  3. It needs to be interesting

When having trouble deciding on what to prepare as lunch for work or your kids, I would personally advice you come up with a meal plan. However, if you are worried about it a boring food menu, you can change your meal plan every week to keep things interesting. Below is a list of ingredients and meal options to consider for a meal plan.


Sweet potato, turkey, sausage, garlic, chilli, salt, shrimp, chicken (breasts), lettuce, pal (red) oil, ginger, turmeric, onions, unripe plantain, ugwu leaves, spring onions, minced beef, Vegetable, water leaves, periwinkle, soy sauce, bread, sweet corn, curry, cinnamon, cray fish, fresh tomatoes, maggi/knnor cubes(optional).


  • Vegetable sauce and boiled yam
  • Fisherman soup and swallow
  • Sweet potato and stir fry (boiled, baked or fried)
  • Vegetable Salad
  • Chicken Salad
  • Shrimp gravy and white rice
  • Baked Chicken in tomato sauce
  • Burger sandwich
  • Boiled yam and sausage sauce
  • Boiled plantain(unripe) and palm oil sauce

The above listed are easy to make and not on the pricey side (this depends on the quantity of food one intends to make). The ingredients are also easy to find in your regular market place, or local supermarket.

For more details on meal recipe and health benefits, leave a comment.

BY: Ifeanyichukwu Okpala

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