Instead of replacing clothing at the first sign of wear and tear, these are some clothing hacks that will save you money and still keep your clothing looking fresh, fixed, and new at all times.


De-Pill Your Clothing Using A Razor.

Clothing hacks that will save you money

Often we buy jeans or a dress and after a while it becomes hairy, and we may feel tempted to trash it or abandon it. But using a razor or shaving stick on it could save you that clothing. And after you’ve run a razor over your clothing, use tape to pick off any leftovers.

Fix A Zipper With Candle Wax, Crayons, A Pencil, Or Nail Polish


Clothing hacks that will save you money

Ever had a stuck zipper? And you are in a hurry to go out? You can quickly make use of candle wax, crayon, pencil, or nail polish on the zipper. 


Talcum Powder Removes Oil Stains

Clothing hacks that will save you money

No one wants to return a stained white to its owner especially if you rented it! But with talcum powder oil stains can be removed. Do this by leaving the talcum powder on the affected area over the night.

Cover Sneakers/shoes In Baking Soda To Remove Odours

7 Clothing Hacks That Will Save You Money 1

Research has found that baking soda removes odor, and covering your sneaker with baking soda, would eliminate the odor by soaking up any sweat in your shoe or sneaker. 

Clear Nail Polish Will Stop A Button from Falling Off

7 Clothing Hacks That Will Save You Money 2

We are quick to blame our designers when our outfit goes bad or we lose a button, but this is something we can quickly avoid by applying clear nail polish to it, and it would buy you more time before the button falls off.

Remake Your “Classy” Heels For Everyday Wear

7 Clothing Hacks That Will Save You Money 3

Did you buy a pair of heels for a special occasion that is too dressy for your everyday wardrobe? Yep, we all have a couple of these stored neatly. But have you ever thought you can give them a new life?

Give your heels a new look by wrapping them with a different material, it could be with an Ankara material or adding glitters to them.

Revamp Those Jeans

7 Clothing Hacks That Will Save You Money 4

Do you have old jeans and you are thinking of throwing them away? Why don’t you redesign it, you can either turn it into ripped jeans or design it with beautifully studded cuffs and with glue you are good to go. It’s your jean, get creative! 


It’s your closet, dive in and make changes! 


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