Danfo Bistro restaurant is a restaurant where all cultures meet, and a journey of Flavours inspired by the local and expat Lagosians. Located at number 2, Alexander Avenue, Ikoyi. Danfo Bistro recently opened other outlets at Sol by boxmall beach and Ikeja City Mall.


Danfo Bistro Restaurant

The decor at Danfo Bistro is very DIY with tables made out of Danfo parts, lights covered with plate numbers and some plumbing fixtures. The ambience gives the look of a popular yellow public transport bus in Lagos state.


The interior decor has a traditional setting. The restaurant also has a unique lighting system, which adds a whole vibe to the room. With wooden chairs decorated with Ankara and beautifully crafted tables.

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Danfo Bistro Restaurant

Danfo Bistro’s menu is filled with varieties of homemade-inspired nice meals, with the famous Ewa Agoyin.


English breakfast, Brunch breakfast, Oats and fruits, Ogi and Akara, Danfo pancakes, Oga pancakes and more with a price range of 4,600 to 7,700 naira.


Bread pudding, loaded ice cream, Okada puff puff, puff puff pass, puff puff banana split, Ice cream, waffle cone and more with a price range of 1,650 naira to 7,150 naira


Chicken/Prawns, Aloha ribs, the legendary Lagos curry, potato poutine, Lamb shanks, salads, drummet and wings, snails, dodo skewers, Ewa G and more.


Fries, Agege bread, coleslaw, Suya batata, Shaved yam fries, Jollof rice and more with a price range of 450 naira to 2,200 naira.


Danfo Bistro Restaurant

Their specially crafted mocktails and cocktails are the highlights of the menu.


Bar beach


Suga mama

Mama Tunde

And more with a price range of 6,300 to 8,600


Zobo sangria

White sangria

Pink Sangria

Virgin sangria with a price range of 4,000 to 5,500


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