Deciding to start your own business is one hell of a task and to do this successfully, you need to be versed in various aspects. There are certain skills for Nigerian Entrepreneurs you need to possess to make sure your business runs effectively.

To run a business in Nigeria, you need to have a strong skillset with a mix of relevant business skills – leadership, good listening and communication skill. Starting a business is easy but making sure it runs effectively is the main job.

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The business market is filled with lots of business and entrepreneurs who all have values and skills that are unique to their brand. Although many of these skillsets can be found in most successful entrepreneurs, mastering the following five skills for Nigerian entrepreneurs will be of great help to you and your business.

  1. Communication

Becoming a successful business owner entails effective communication, great selling ability, learning and sound strategy. On some occasions, you will need to communicate to your prospective and existing clients; your goals, business visions, ideas and plans. The way you communicate and present all of these will influence the decision of your clients, which  makes it an important one out of skills for Nigerian entrepreneurs

2. Leadership

Of course, this is also a very important skills for Nigerian entrepreneurs as no client or employee will be willing to work with a bad leader. Your ability to organize and assign certain duties towards achieving a common business goal will determine the future of your business. All these must be done through the combined efforts of your ability to make decisions, risk evaluation, innovation and creativity.

3. Financial Management

It will be an unwise decision to start a business when you cannot manage your finances. Your knowledge of personal finance will help you in setting up checks and balances to monitor the inflow and outflow of funds in your company. This is one skill that determines the growth or fall of a business.

4. Sales Conversion and Marketing

You are in business to provide solutions to people which automatically means selling and make profits. To do this, you must master this skill. The growth of your business depends heavily on your ability to convert sales. Selling can take the form of pitching,  releasing innovations and inventions. It is important to know that things will not always go as planned. When they happen, find a means of motivation and continue trying.

5. Time Management

In all of the skills listed in this article, this is one skill most entrepreneurs find difficult. The typical day of an entrepreneur will be filled with business meetings, dinner, family issues and other concerns that need urgent attention. Your ability to manage your time effectively prevents procrastination, helps you to do more, stay on top of business demands and reduces the stress that comes with all of these.


Becoming a successful entrepreneur in a market like Nigeria is no joke and it is also possible. All you need to do is set your mind on your original focus and develop this set of skills for Nigerian entrepreneurs

Which of these skills have helped you as a Nigerian entrepreneur? Which other skills do you think should be on the list?  Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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