In Black Knight, a shoot-to-kill cabal rules the riff-raff in this hellish Korean post-apocalypse setting, and the only person who can save them is a devilishly gorgeous delivery man.

South Korea turned into a barren wasteland with poor air quality after the comet impacted. It compelled the last remaining humans on Earth, representing around 1% of the total population, to devise strategies for producing and preserving oxygen.

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A QR code tattooed on a person’s hand, however, defined their level of access and living circumstances, so not everyone was able to benefit from it. Many survivors, who were classified as refugees, were forced to dwell above ground in appalling conditions with scant supplies.

Black KnightSome refugees turn into poachers and attempt to steal commodities being delivered to the general populace by delivery men, like  5-8 (Kim Woo-bin). The only chance for migrants to receive a QR code tattooed on their hand is to work as a delivery man. The delivery men have a legendary reputation, notably delivery man number 8, who has almost achieved celebrity status. He also has greater moral standards than other deliverymen, who try to sever the QR-coded hands of the living in order to get access to better living spaces.

Black Knight

Jung Seul-ah (Roh Yoon-seo), a major in the Defense Intelligence Command, is currently residing with her sister Seol-ah (Esom). They are committing a serious felony by hosting Yung Sa-wol (Kang You-Seok), a refugee. Sa-wol frequently leaves the apartment to gamble with supplies, but he also senses progress toward his ambition of working as a deliveryman. At one point, he and several friends actually climb into 5-8’s truck, and Sa-wol sits down next to the illustrious deliveryman.

Black Knight

The Special District, which has clean air and feels the most like the old world, is currently being moved to a new underground location, where construction is currently under way. Construction is being overseen by Ryu Seok (Song Seung-heon), the leader of the Cheonmyeong Group, the organization that essentially rules this society. He also dislikes having to inform the government of everything.

Black Knight

In the evening, 5-8 and a number of medical professionals provide supplies and help to those in greatest need. Seol-ah is suspicious of the secrecy the Cheonmyeong Group has shrouding the new construction. And Sa-wol tries to defend Seul-ah when gun-toting men break into their apartment.‌

The aesthetics of Black Knight are its strongest point, from the Special District’s more utopian-looking setting to Seoul’s sepia-dust-covered ruins. The battle and chase scenes on the show are also well-choreographed and photographed, and they advance the story without slowing down the tempo of each episode.


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