“The Night Agent” is one  thrilling and exciting TV show that will keep you glued to your seat.  This fast-paced series is full of surprises, with a plot that will keep you guessing and characters that will capture your attention. This intriguing movie is like a wild roller coaster with shady shenanigans happening in the White House left and right.

The hero, Peter Sutherland (played by Gabriel Basso), is a total Boy Scout who wants to do the right thing and help people. But he’s got a dark past, thanks to his dad being suspected of leaking military secrets and dying in a tragic accident before he could clear his name. Talk about some serious daddy issues! 

The Night Agent


Despite his best efforts to serve his country, Sutherland can’t seem to climb the ranks in the FBI because of his father’s sketchy reputation. But then, the White House Chief of Staff, Diane Farr (Hong Chau), gives him a chance to make a real difference. He gets to man the Night Action telephone, which is basically a hotline for agents in distress. For over a year, Sutherland’s been working the graveyard shift with nothing to show for it.

But then, one fateful night, a woman named Rose (Luciane Buchanan) calls in a panic, saying her aunt and uncle are under attack and they told her to call this number. This sets off a chain of events that Sutherland can’t ignore.

Before he knows it, Sutherland and Rose are on the run, and bodies are piling up left and right. Meanwhile, different three-letter agencies are getting into a turf war, and the President and Vice-President have their own agendas. Oh, and did we mention that Maddie, the Vice-President’s daughter (played by Sarah Desjardins), has a real chip on her shoulder? It’s like “House of Cards” meets “The Bourne Identity”!

The Night Agent

And let’s not forget the wacky cast of characters, like Agent Monks (D.B. Woodside), who took a bullet for the previous President, and secret agent Chelsea (Fola Evans-Akingbola), who’s more of a friend to Maddie than her actual bodyguard. And then there’s the psychotic couple, Ellen (Eve Harlow) and Dale (Phoenix Raei), who have a disturbingly normal conversation about babies and houses while torturing people to death. Yikes!

“The Night Agent” definitely delivers on its promises, with a plot that’s busier than a beehive. Sure, there are some pacing issues, and you might find yourself scratching your head at some of the weird eye contact between characters. But who cares? With a cast that includes an Oscar nominee (Chau) and a Terminator (Robert Patrick), this show is pure, adrenaline-fueled fun.

So, get ready to be thrilled by this movie! Oh, and remember to grab your popcorn too.

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