Fashion Layering allows for creativity and can also be practical, especially in the cold season.

Layering in fashion gives a quick update to your wardrobe, gives you more wears for your cloths and guess what, it’s always in trend. (well when done right).

We’ve got more trendy gist for you on fashion

Layers and Ruffles As Exquisite Choices | EM Lookbook

Stay trendy with layered jewellery this season


Here Are 5 Tips For Mastering The Art Of Fashion Layering.

  1. When in doubt, go for a White Shirt

I think the white shirt is the ultimate layering essential. It’s neutral and goes with almost everything, and is very versatile.The Art Of Layering By Tewa OnasanyaThe possibilities are endless with a white shirt, tucked in, belted, hanging loose, the world is your oyster (lol).The Art Of Layering By Tewa Onasanya

2. Colour is Key.

Layering is best achieved when you keep your look to one or two colours. If you are brave enough, you can do more as long as the colour blocks fit.

The Art Of Layering By Tewa Onasanya/ colour fits

3. Focus on Fabrics.

A nice mix of texture is essential for layering.

The Art Of Layering By Tewa Onasanya/ fabrics

4. Play With Proportion.

The right sleeve length and other lengths matter. You can roll the inner sleeves too for that added Va Va Voom

The Art Of Layering By Tewa Onasanya

4. Stick to One Bulky Item.

You can use a bulky scarf, bulky jacket to jazz up your layered look

The Art Of Layering By Tewa Onasanya/ focus on the fabrics

5. Have Fun With It.

What’s an outfit if you are not having fun wearing it? Make sure you have fun with it. Try different items and if it looks good on you and makes you feel good, goes for it

The Art Of Layering By Tewa Onasanya

Oh, by the way, you can also layer your jewellery and bottoms.The Art Of Layering By Tewa Onasanya

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