Extending from reality tv to fashion and beauty has been one profitable ride for Kim Kardashian, who recently became a billionaire.

The latest news about her is from her fashion brand, Skims which she set up in September, last year.

Skims, an underwear brand by Kim Kardashian is set to drop its latest collection, Skims Body Collection today and we have all the pieces just for you!

Kim took to her Instagram page yesterday to announce the release of the Skims Body collection.

Skims is a fashion brand focused on shape-enhancing undergarments. They described the Skims Body collection on their official website as:

A collection of form-fitting wardrobe essentials with light compression made to flatter your body.

The collection comes in four colours; Bone, Sienna, Soot and Talc. It also comes in nine different sizes; XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X and 4X.

From what we see so far, the pieces from the collection look very cozy and comfortable for any body type, which is awesome!

These are the pieces off the Skims Body Collection

1. Skims body bra

 body bra
Photo Credit: Skims

skims body collection

2. Skims Body Bralette

Skims body bralette

Skims body collection bralette
Photo Credit: Skims

3. Skims Body Brief

skims body brief

Skims body collection
Photo Credit: Skims

4. Skims Body Tank

black body tank
Photo Credit: Skims
Skims Body Tank
Photo Credit: Skims

5. Skims Body Thong

Skims body thong

Skims BodyThong
Photo Credit: Skims

So, there you have it, now you know what to expect when the collection drops. For more updates, subscribe to our Exquisite email list.

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