Modest Fashion has become popular and we are here for it. Modest fashion means that you can be stylish without compromising your conservative values. Yet, there is a misconception that dressing modestly means one has to look frumpy or old. This is not the case in reality. Instagram fashionistas like @hafymo and @lailahmoon have shown this.

Here are 6 ways to look stylish whilst dressing modestly.

Wear Bold Colours:

Modest Fashion Is Back In The Spotlight And We Are Loving It 1Modest fashion carries the risk of looking boring, so you gotta spice things up often. This is where bold, bright colours come in. Bright bold colours attract attention with little to no effort. Also, colours can upgrade a basic top to stylish at the snap of your fingers. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you try colour blocking as we did here with the yellow and orange outfit. Colour Blocking is when you mix bright colours that are on the opposite sides of the colour wheel.

More Prints:
Modest Fashion Is Back In The Spotlight And We Are Loving It 2Prints are great for modest fashion because they help you stand out with ease. You can try polka dots pieces. For the daring fashionista, combining different prints is the ultimate Queen move.

Modest Fashion Is Back In The Spotlight And We Are Loving It 3They can make or break an outfit. The first place to start to upgrade your modest fashion is to invest in some good quality belts. Belts are amazing because they can elevate your outfits. Other accessories like hats, statement jewelry, and cool shoes grab attention. So, it’s best to include them in your modest wardrobe.

Layering Clothes:
Modest Fashion Is Back In The Spotlight And We Are Loving It 4This can make otherwise revealing clothes modest. For instance, you can wear a long sleeve top underneath a sleeveless dress as we did here. Moreover, it makes you look like a proper fashionista when you layer your outfits.

Pay Attention to Details:
Wear pieces that have something extra that is interesting. Let your clothes or accessories make a statement. Pieces with ruffles, interesting hems, puffy sleeves all help make a statement. This way you will be centre of attention even if you are dressing modestly.

Modest fashion is a positive addition to mainstream fashion because it encourages inclusivity.


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