Carrying a baby is one of the most beautiful things on earth. Asides the stress that it often comes with, the 9-month period is one of adventure and bliss. In fashion, this period is a very delicate phase. In time past, pregnant women felt the need to conceal their bumps or wear loose-fitting or maxi clothes always. Today, fashion has morphed, and pregnancy has become a fashion statement all by itself. While you can choose to wear anything to most places, dressing for the office is most probably different. Here are some Maternity Fashion ideas to consider:

  • Elastic

Maternity FashionIt might be stressful to keep buying new clothes as you progress, hence the need to wear elastic. Elastic gives you the opportunity to still be able to fit into clothes as your bump gets bigger. They are also usually very comfortable and accentuate your figure.


  • The gown and Jacket/Coat combo

Maternity FashionOffice gowns still work like magic during pregnancy. Pair gowns with jackets or coats to look chick and fabulous.


  • Fit and Flare

Maternity FashionFit and flare dresses do not put pressure on your bump neither do they hug your body. A fit and flare dress would take focus off your bump and it would also leave you looking professional.


  • Stripes/Polka Dots

Maternity FashionStripes and Polka Dots also work great for maternity fashion. Think tops and dresses with stripes and polka dot gowns when shopping, for an awesome ensemble.


  • Flattering Accessories

Maternity FashionBold neck pieces and colourful earrings are also great for maternity fashion. Don’t be tempted to look bland! Wear bold colours to maintain a confident and positive appearance.

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  • Pencil skirts

Maternity FashionEven though this might seem off, pencil skirts still look good on pregnant women. Wear a nice tank top on the skirt and throw on a simple jacket for best results.


  • Free shirts

Maternity FashionOf course, there is no maternity fashion without free shirts. From buttoned shirts to wrap shirts, keeping it loose every now and then is a luxury you cannot afford to miss out on especially to work.


  • Low-heeled shoes

Maternity FashionIt’s okay to still want to wear stilettoes while pregnant but bear in mind that those shoes are now be carrying two people. Think flat shoes and wedges especially when your job involves moving around. You don’t want to stand the risk of tripping and you want to walk as confidently as you did before you got pregnant.


  • Cotton/ Wool

Maternity Fashion: Style Inspiration For Dressing To Work While Pregnant 1Flattering sweaters are also great for maternity fashion. They are very comfortable and they make it easier to take short naps where you need to.


  • Put comfort first

Maternity Fashion: Style Inspiration For Dressing To Work While Pregnant 2Style is great, but it is important to put comfort first. Drink lots of water, avoid tasking work and you would be good to go.

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