Ms Ray Couture
‘A Touch of Elegance’
On her journey of creating a collection that would portray a different side of her as a young emerging designer, she stumbled on the word ‘ elegance ‘. A word we are all familiar with and often use in describing something graceful. In her search of the real meaning of elegance she then came across quotes from various powerful women such as Coco Chanel who stated that; ‘ Elegance does not consist of putting on a new dress‘, which goes in line with Carolina Herrera’s view of elegance; Elegance isn’t solely defined by what you wear, it’s how you carry yourself, speak and what you read ‘. With these definitions of elegance she asked herself if it was really necessary to search for the true meaning of elegance, because she could spend days and nights in the search of the true meaning. she soon then realized that her definition of elegance is simply being one’s self and showcasing one’s beauty that is often neglected or spotted. There lies a whole lot of simplicity in elegance that is eventually discovered.

With her flawless in white collection her main aim was to make it flawless by using white as a basic and using African prints as the icing on the cake. With this collection she stepped out of her comfort zone to create what she would call her own definition of elegance. she wanted to give it her touch of elegance but it was also necessary to stay loyal to her style. simplicity, classy and uniqueness are guidelines for every collection that she decided to come up with.
Photo:Remon van den Kommer
Model: Sippora Jackson
Mua: Teshura Styling
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