Dpipertwins’s new Fall/Winter 2014 collection is all about structured yet feminine silhouettes. Think flattering lunch dresses, chic print skirts, and blouses that instantly look fabulous against your skin. This season is all about embracing colour and the top shade of the season – pink. Check out the collection below and be sure to let us know which dresses or items you are looking to buy.

Dpipertwins-Fall-Winter-2014-Zen-Magazine-Africa-2 Dpipertwins-Fall-Winter-2014-Zen-Magazine-Africa-3 Dpipertwins-Fall-Winter-2014-Zen-Magazine-Africa-4 Dpipertwins-Fall-Winter-2014-Zen-Magazine-Africa-5 Dpipertwins-Fall-Winter-2014-Zen-Magazine-Africa-6 Dpipertwins-Fall-Winter-2014-Zen-Magazine-Africa-7 Dpipertwins-Fall-Winter-2014-Zen-Magazine-Africa-8 Dpipertwins-Fall-Winter-2014-Zen-Magazine-Africa-9 Dpipertwins-Fall-Winter-2014-Zen-Magazine-Africa-10 Dpipertwins-Fall-Winter-2014-Zen-Magazine-Africa-11 Dpipertwins-Fall-Winter-2014-Zen-Magazine-Africa


Photography by George Legare
MUA/Hairstylist: Richard Loma
Model: Marsha Larose
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