Have you ever wished to style 1 dress in different ways? Well, we took 1 dress and styled it for 4 women from different generations; from ages 18-25 (Gen Z), 26- 40 (Millennial), ages 41- 56 (Gen X), and from ages 57 – 66 (Boomers).

This is to give you insight into how style changes as we get older. Also, it will show you that style for a woman doesn’t end at age 30 and you can be stylish at any age.

Here are some tips to help you look good if you fall into any of the age groups.

style 1 dress for gen z

How To Style 1 Dress For Gen Z (from 18 years old to 25 years old

They are the youngest generation alive at the moment. The best place to gain fashion inspiration for a Gen Z is Tiktok.

The app gained notoriety for being the one-stop-shop for all things Gen Z. Besides their Tiktok obsession, Gen Z’s love all things athleisure. Their wardrobes are filled with gym joggers, sweatshirts, bucket hats, and platform sneakers.

Also, they have a thing for layering jewelry.  From wearing several chunky necklaces to having rings on all fingers. They have a strong dislike for all forms of skinny jeans so they wear flared jeans, boyfriend jeans, and mom jeans.

style 1 dress for the millenials

How To Style 1 Dress For the Millennials (From 26 years old to 40 years old):

Millennials gain fashion inspiration from Instagram, they hold it as their fashion bible. They follow their favorite Instagram influencers.

As they are growing older, the millennials get married and have children. This is why we chose an engagement ring in a color named after them; millennial pink. They tend to favor a clean-cut look, simple and minimalist looks.

style 1 dress for gen x

How To Style 1 Dress For Gen X (From 41 years old to 56 years old):

Unlike the previous generations of women, the Gen X woman doesn’t have one place where she gets fashion inspiration. Rather, they dance to the beat of their drums. She can get inspiration from a celebrity they like, or their friends, or people in their community. So, there is no box that you find Gen X fashion.

style 1 dress for boomers

How To Style 1 Dress For the Boomers (From 57 years old – 66 years old):

They are the parents or grandparents of the previous women. The goal for them is comfort and looking classy, they would choose pieces that exude this. Hence, we choose flat pumps and shiny jewelry pieces.

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