The festive season is in full gear, and it’s time to roll out all of your statement dresses and pop in a red dress.  Because there is nothing quite as statement-making as a solid red dress.


Red is the ultimate statement color and it’s not surprising that it’s been spotted on celebrities often times but the question is how do we wear this bold hue? 


If you’re going to wear red, here are some tips on how to style it and pop in a red dress:

How To Pop In A Red Dress 1

  1. Keep the neckline simple and show some skin.


  1. Don’t pair too many colors together or else it will look too busy! Stick to one or two colors at most, otherwise your outfit will look like a mess!


  1. Wear heels or wedges with your red dress to add some height, but make sure they match the color of your shoes! If they don’t match then choose something else instead! You can also switch it up with a pair of sneakers.

Pop in a red dress

  1. Don’t wear any jewelry that clashes with your outfit because that will make everything look tacky!


  1. Pair with a clutch bag for your dinner date, or a shoulder bag for your regular stroll.


  1. A shade should be worn with almost every dress, aside from making the look edgy it does protect your eyes from the sun’s ray.


  1. If you are opting for a spring look, pair with a denim jacket.

How To Pop In A Red Dress 2

Extra red tips for my exquisite readers 


We all know the most obvious way to wear a red dress is with a pair of black heels and accessories. Wearing a Red shoe can be tricky because they tend to be very bright and intense. Hence it’s advisable to go for something that has more brown tones in it so that it matches the red dress better. For example, if you have on bright red shoes with an equally bright red dress, they may compete with each other instead of complementing each other knowing fully well red is a very bold color and should be worn with caution. 

You should know a red dress can be attention-grabbing and is a good choice for those who want to make an impression. Also Wearing a red dress is a good idea if you want to attract the opposite sex or just feel like standing out from the crowd.

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